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Our purpose. Our vision.

Here's Avlesh Singh, Co-Founder & CEO, WebEngage, talking about the vision for WebEngage Academy and how we are driven to create a space where Digital Marketers can learn and grow.

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Our objectives are crystal clear.

At WebEngage Academy, we aim to guide professionals on how to use the platform to achieve long-term business objectives. We want to help you make the most of it!

  • Shape 2x Retention Marketing talent in the next 2 years

  • Certify 10K professionals and students within 2 years

  • Help our customers hit the jackpot with 5-10x revenue growth using our platform

  • Eliminate lack of resources, increase implementation speed, CLTV and reduce DSAT

Who can enroll in the course?

  • Product

  • Marketing

  • Retention

  • Freelance

  • Growth

  • Marketing

What skills can you expect to gain?

  • Setup the right data and tracking foundations

  • Setup a series of triggered and automated campaigns that convert well

  • Setup customer engagement across multiple channels and touchpoints

  • Understand user behavior - read cohorts on repeat purchases, retention rates, etc.

  • Setup your team of “Retention Champs” with the recommended skill-sets as you expand

How can WebEngage Academy help accelerate your career?

  • In-depth Insights

    Understand the ins and outs of Retention Marketing

  • First Principle Thinking

    Hone a growth-first mindset and learn to leverage data to solve business problems

  • Marketing Background is not Mandatory

    Learn the whats, whys and hows of Retention Marketing from scratch

  • Best Career Opportunities

    Become a strong contributor within the industry and get an edge over your peers

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