Acko, India's leading digital insurer, increases its policy renewals by 17.32%

Win-back and policy renewal campaigns have contributed significantly to our overall revenue and resulted in improvement of our North Star Metric i.e. Persistency ratio.

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Payal Saxena
Associate Director - Digital Marketing, Acko

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    Increase in policy renewals via WebEngage campaigns

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About Acko

Acko is a general insurance company that started in 2017 as India’s leading digital insurer and is currently the fastest-growing insurance company in India with over 60 million policyholders. They make it easier for their users to buy/renew insurance policies online, wiping out the need for paperwork. Users can secure insurance for cars, two-wheelers, taxis, and health using Acko’s website and mobile app.

Adopting the right retention platform that meets Acko’s expectations

Acko adopted the WebEngage Retention Operating System to:

  • Convert maximum leads into policyholders
  • Automate user engagement initiatives
  • Retain its policyholders

Here’s a glimpse of some of the use cases they implemented using WebEngage. If you want to get detailed insights into Acko’s success story, you must check out the detailed version.👇



  • Win-back dropped leads
  • Increase the number of policy renewals
  • Automate the claim settlement process


  • Lack of consolidated lead data
  • Contextually reaching out to policyholders at the right time
  • Monitoring policyholders’ actions at scale


Data-driven, action-based win-back campaigns

The Customer Success Manager (CSM) at WebEngage suggested that the Marketing team at Acko implement data-backed win-back campaigns to engage the dropped leads.

Acting upon the suggestion, they’ve created action-based journeys using the WebEngage Journey Designer to encourage the dropped leads to purchase their preferred policies.

Timely, contextual communication using user journeys

The Marketing team at Acko wanted to increase the policy renewals by sending timely, contextual communication to the policyholders. To do this, they adopted a multi-channel engagement approach using the WebEngage Journey Designer.

With the help of user actions (events), Acko sends timely, contextual messages to policyholders, reminding them to renew their policies on time. To ensure maximum engagement with the communication, they also leverages WebEngage’s Send-Time optimization functionality.

Suraj Raika

Assistant Manager - Digital Marketing, Acko

With multichannel targeting capabilities in a single platform, WebEngage has helped us identify the right opportunities for growth and act upon them to deliver an end-to-end insurance experience to our prospects and policyholders.

Event-based, automated claim settlement process

To automate the claim settlement process, Acko takes an event-based approach to track user actions on its app/website and then map relevant events (user actions) on the WebEngage dashboard. Using this events data, they then send contextual communication to the policyholders whenever they raise a claim request on the app/website.


The team at Acko has been able to automate its user engagement initiatives, convert leads into policyholders and boost its policy renewals. Acko continues to deliver a seamless insurance buying experience and drive exponential business growth.

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The WebEngage Effect on Acko

  • Created: 14th Sep , 2021
  • Last Updated: 07th Feb , 2022

Payal Saxena

Payal Saxena Associate Director - Digital Marketing, Acko

Win back and policy renewal campaigns have contributed significantly to our overall revenue and resulted in improvement of our North Star Metric i.e. Persistency ratio.

Sounds interesting? The detailed version has some fantastic insights!

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